Chairman Message

‘Education is the pathway to success’

The University of Chenab, Gujrat is a destination for students striving for excellence in research and learning. Our dedicated academic and non-academic teams are here to impart the relevant knowledge and skills required to transform them into outstanding leaders of their chosen professions.

We are striving to prepare high-quality graduates with practical skills desired in the contemporary industry worldwide. On one hand, we are greatly investing resources into entrepreneurship education for the students to gain hands-on experiences that actually matter; and, on the other hand, we are creating an enabling environment for the faculty to advance in meaningful applied research. We are confident that our graduates are effectively fitting into the job market both as employees and job creators. 

At UChenab, we encourage independent academic and intellectual thinking driven by creativity and critical insights that enable the University to be a center of excellence for both international faculty and students. Our systematic focus on internationalization is a vital step towards expanding the impact of the University beyond Pakistan.

We are progressively moving on the path of creating a world class University with market-driven curriculum, excellent teaching and learning, robust applied and academic research, and efficient management systems. We are focused on establishing systems that can transform us into a leading academic institution in the country where intellectual thinking, dialogue, freedom of expression, tolerance, meaningful debates, and amicable consensus over national and global issues can flourish.

On top of effective teaching and research, we are step-by-step introducing numerous community engagement programs aimed at empowering communities and causing socio-economic change through student outreach programs, free of charge healthcare activities, and collaborative efforts with both private and public institutions.  

Beyond classroom environment, we are offering diverse recreational activities intended to nurture all-round students, with much emphasis on extra-coaching through skill development programs, and exposing our students to the industry through internships, and motivational talks delivered by renowned entrepreneurs. 

I welcome you to UChenab where we are striving to nurture professionals outfitted with the desired standards in creativity, transfer and application of knowledge to address the contemporary challenges of our society.

Awais Raoof
Chairman, Board of Governors