This Policy aims to enable an environment in the higher education sector which not only motivates students with disabilities to undertake higher education, but also facilitates their participation in all academic and extra-curricular aspects of a university education.


  1. 50% financial assistance (in tuition fee only) shall be granted to all minor or major disability students.
  2. The disability certificate is mandatory to avail this scholarship.
  3. The applicant must obtain admission to a university.
  4. If the student does not retain the required CGPA, the university shall reserve the right to review the student’s scholarship according to the review policy.
  5. Granted financial assistance shall be cancelled as per the conditions stated in point: vii general rules: and the student would not be able to apply for a review of the decision.


  1. The scholarship can be applied by the applicant along with required documents at the admission counter.
  2. The admission office will forward the form (along with the required documents) to the Fee Section after the approval from the rector office.
  3. The Fee Section will issue the fee voucher to the applicants after receiving required documents along with forms by the admission office.
  4. The scholarship will be granted in a system after the applicants get registered as a student.
  5. Once approved, the Fee Section will notify the students.