The mission of the office of International Education & Cooperation of The University of Chenab, Gujrat is to promote cultural exchange and broaden horizons through valuable collaborations, partnerships and exchange programs. UChenab establishes international partnerships with universities and organizations across the globe, enriching our academic environment with diversity and fostering critical thinking.


Dr. Muneeb Bukhari is a highly experienced medical professional who has served as a Program Director at several Chinese medical universities under the Faculty/College of International Education. In this role, he has overseen and managed programs tailored for South Asian and African regions. Dr. Muneeb possesses extensive expertise in facilitating collaborations between universities to initiate international faculty and student exchange programs. His background underscores a profound understanding of global medical education and cross-cultural academic initiatives.


Ms Anastasiia Shalabanova is a distinguished expert in the field of International Relations, with a particular focus on multicultural educational platforms. Drawing on her extensive experience, she has developed a deep understanding of the impact of diverse cultural landscapes on educational paradigms, and is able to provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by this complex area.

Ms. Anastasiia’s  expertise in International Relations and multicultural education is highly regarded by her colleagues and peers, and she is recognized as a leading authority in this field. Her ability to provide organizations with the tools and strategies needed to navigate this complex area is second to none, and her insights have helped many institutions to meet the needs of students from diverse cultural backgrounds.