This is UChenab

We produce professionals who are adept in their disciplines

This is UChenab

Peaceful ambience, agile teaching as well as non-teaching staff, and a disciplined yet enjoyable and motivating atmosphere. Welcome to the University of Chenab. We produce professionals who are adept in their disciplines. Our institution is not only concerned with grades and education, but also takes care of mental well-being of our students.

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Shape a study path that’s right for you. 
Whether you’re starting university for the first time, progressing into postgraduate study, looking to advance your career, or want to shape the future through research, we offer programs to match your ambitions and lifestyle. You can explore your options below.

Apply (undergraduate)

The University of Chenab gives an opportunity to opt from a plethora of undergraduate programs. This not only broadens the knowledge of students but also offers mesmerizing experience. UChenab is well equipped to shape your career. The University of Chenab offers various opportunities for students to get admission in undergraduate level.

Apply (postgraduate)

Master’s programs by Research and Coursework are offered by The University of Chenab. To your surprise the curriculum comprises of novel courses, the learning from which can be inculcated far beyond classrooms and workplaces. Indeed, graduation is one of the prioritized programs in this institute.

Apply (Scholarships)

The university of Chenab offers an extensive opportunity to get scholarships. Moreover, there are a number of different criteria for students of different vicinities and interests to apply scholarship. This clearly helps the student body and the university to get the most out of the students regrading studies and co-curricular activities.

Apply (Transport)

The University of Chenab is situated on a location which can be accessed from various cities so in this regard the institution offers a transport system which certainly satisfies student requirements. The institution offers buses from the campus to its peripheral cities. These buses are full of services and comfort.