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This is UChenab

Welcome to the University of Chenab, where you’ll find a serene atmosphere, dedicated faculty and staff, and a disciplined yet enjoyable and motivating environment. Our goal is to produce highly skilled professionals in their respective fields, while also prioritizing the mental well-being of our students. We believe that education is not just about grades, but also about creating a nurturing and supportive community.


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Our university offers programs that cater to students at any point in their academic or professional journey, accommodating their aspirations and lifestyle. Whether you are a new university student, looking to pursue postgraduate studies, seeking career advancement, or interested in contributing to research, we have a range of options available to meet your needs. We invite you to explore the various programs we offer and learn how we can support you in achieving your goals.


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At the University of Chenab, students have the chance to choose from a diverse selection of undergraduate programs. This not only expands their knowledge, but also provides an enriching experience. With excellent resources and support, UChenab is fully equipped to help students shape their career paths. There are numerous opportunities for students to gain admission to our undergraduate programs at the University of Chenab.

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The University of Chenab offers Master's programs through both research and coursework. Our curriculum includes innovative courses that provide knowledge and skills applicable well beyond traditional classroom and workplace settings. Graduation is one of our top-priority programs at UChenab, and we are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience for our students.

Apply (Scholarships)

At the University of Chenab, there are abundant opportunities for students to obtain scholarships. We offer various scholarship programs with different criteria based on students' backgrounds and interests, allowing them to excel in their academic pursuits as well as co-curricular activities. These initiatives benefit both the student body and the university as a whole, enabling students to reach their full potential in their studies and beyond.

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Located in a convenient area accessible from multiple cities, the University of Chenab provides a transportation system that meets the needs of our students. Our institution offers buses that connect the campus to neighboring cities, ensuring reliable and comfortable transportation services. These buses are equipped with various amenities to make the commuting experience enjoyable for our students.