Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed

Academic Position:

Assistant Professor

Teaching Interests:

Finance, Banking and Finance

Fields of Research (FoR):

Risk, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Sustainable Development


Risk Management, Corporate finance, Behavioral finance


Department of Business Education


Faculty of Business Education

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9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed is a PhD qualified professional in Management (Finance) with 6 years of teaching and research experience and almost 5 years of rich customer service, operations, team management experience, and exposure in Banking Industry. An academician, seasoned research scholar, and qualified Banking & Finance professional have demonstrated success in teaching, research activities and research supervision. I have a list of research publications in Thomson Reuters JCR, Scopus, and HEC ‘Y’ indexed journals. I am honored as an external examiner for M.Phil or equivalent degrees for the students of commerce and management sciences at various national and international universities. I am also an HEC approved supervisor.


No. Designation School/Institute/University
Assistant Professor Lahore Business Scholl, the University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus (w.e.f 22 Jan, 2018 to date)
Tutor Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) (Feb – 2016- Feb -2017)


No. Degree / Program of Study Name Awarding Body/University/Institute
PhD (Finance) 2018 Universitti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)
M.Phil (Finance) 2014 Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU), Pakistan
M.Com (Finance) 2007 University of the Punjab


No. Title Details
1 Stock return volatility and capital structure measures of non-financial firms in a dynamic panel model: Evidence from Pakistan. International Journal of Finance and Economics
2 Modelling customer satisfaction in online hotel booking. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
3 Insurance-Growth Nexus: A comparative analysis with multiple insurance proxies. Economic Research- Ekonomska Istrazivanja
4 Forecasting wages inequality in response of trade openness in Pakistan: An artificial neural network approach. The Singapore Economic Review.
5 The nexus of cash flow, capital expenditures and financial leverage with pharmaceutical firm’s performance in Pakistan. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/ Egyptology
6 Stock market development and financial structure of non-financial firms. Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government
7 The role of financial risk management in predicting the financial performance of commercial banks in Pakistan. Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business
8 Behavioral cost of managerial decisions under risk perception and culture: A comparative study between USA and Pakistan. Sage Open
9 Financial inclusion and monetary policy effectiveness: A sustainable development approach of developed and under-developed countries. Plos One
10 The mediating effect of coping strategies between psychological capital and small tourism organization resilience: Insights from the COVID-19 Pandemic, Malaysia. Fronteirs in Psychology
11 Training perception and innovative behaviour of SME employees: Examining the mediating effects of firm commitment. Sage Open
12 Value of Financial Flexibility and Investment Decisions of Non-Financial Firms in Pakistan. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal.
13 Pushing a balloon: Does corporate risk disclosure matters for investment efficiency. Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting
14 Microfinance Services and MSEs’ Growth in Pakistan: Mediating Perspective of Social and Psychological Capital. Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation
15 Mediating Role of Risk Perception Between Behavioral Biases and Investor’s Investment Decisions Sage Open
16 Market Uncertainty and Distance to Default of non-financial firms in Pakistan. International Journal of Trade and Global Markets.
17 Cost of high leverage in socially responsible firms in a linear dynamic panel model. Evidence from product market interactions Heliyon
18 Responses to COVID-19, small and medium enterprises’ corporate social responsibility and psychological capital of employees: From the mediating perspective of affective commitment Heliyon

Currently Supervising


Areas of Supervision Finance

Currently Supervising

Student Name Research Topic Affiliation


Student Name Research Topic Affiliation
Um-e- Habeeba Factors Affecting the Cash Holdings Position of firms in Europe and Asia. The University of Lahore
Haseeb Waheed Mediating role of risk perception in the relationship between financial literacy and investment decisions. The University of Lahore
Maria Noreen Market uncertainty and Distance to Default of non-financial firms in Pakistan. The University of Lahore
Arslan Aslam Non-Performing Loans in ASEAN Countries. The University of Lahore
Hira Kanwal The impact of financial risk management on financial performance of commercial banks in Pakistan. The University of Lahore
Kanwal Mushtaq Macro-Economic indicators and fund specific factors affecting the mutual fund performance. The University of Lahore
Sikandar Majid Does Export Intensity is influenced by corporate governance and ownership structure? The University of Lahore
Hajra Jamil Effect of corporate social responsibility on cost of leverage and business risk. Evidence from product market interactions and capital structure. The University of Lahore
Zain Ul Abideen The relationship between behavioral biases and investment decision. Mediating and Moderating Role of Stock Market Anomalies and Financial literacy. Evidence from individual investors of PSX. The University of Lahore
Saira Ihsan The effect of financial flexibility on investment decisions .Role of business risk and ownership concentration. The University of Lahore
Waqas Ali Innovation and Financial Vulnerability: Role of Intellectual Capital. The University of Lahore
Maafia Zafar The role of business risk between organizational capital and analysts’ forecasts. The University of Lahore
Rizwan Ishaque Monetary Policy, Cash Flow and Corporate Investment: Evidence from Pakistan. The University of Lahore
Rahat Riaz The effect of investors’ trading behavior on stock price crash risk. Role of accrual quality and business strategy. The University of Lahore
Saira Tafakhur Natural Disaster and Stock Returns. The University of Lahore
Muhammad Arfan Role of Corporate Social Responsibility between Mental Accounting and Investment Decision Making. The University of Lahore
Sabiha Tufail Influence of Financial Sustainability on the Credit Rating of Chemical Industry of East Asian Countries. Role of ESG and its Factors. The University of Lahore
Bilal Nazar Causal relationship between trade credit and bank credit with financial sustainability of manufacturing firms in Pakistan. The University of Lahore
Yasmeen Bashir ESG and Value Creation in Product Market. The University of Lahore
Saqib Javed Naz Factors effecting investor’ intentions towards Shariah Complaint products: Mediating role of perceived risk The University of Lahore
Zeeshan Ajmal The impact of tax rate, corruption and audit probability on tax evasion in Pakistan: Role of tax morale The University of Lahore


Course Information (Name/Code)                                           Year Taught Program (BS/MS/PhD) University /Institute
Banking and Finance / BFIN1014 2018 – 2021 BS The University of Lahore
Financial Statement Analysis / FIN03401 2018 BS The University of Lahore
Emerging Issues in Finance / FIN01628 2018 MS The University of Lahore
Risk Management Theories and Practices / FIN5205 2018, 2019 MS The University of Lahore
Econometrics / ECO802 2018-2020 MS The University of Lahore
Formation and Behavior of Financial Assets 2018 MS The University of Lahore
Corporate Governance and Financial Decisions / FIN7702 2019 MS The University of Lahore
Behavioral Finance / FIN5204 2019 MS The University of Lahore
International Finance / FIN01404 2019 MS The University of Lahore
Business Law and Taxation /BSOC1022 2020, 2021, 2022 BS The University of Lahore
Auditing and Assurance / fin01421 2020 MS The University of Lahore
Financial Modeling / FIN01448 2021 MS The University of Lahore
Finance Theory / FIN01642 2021 MS The University of Lahore
CASE Study in Corporate Finance / FIN01560 2021 MS The University of Lahore
Advance Financial Accounting / ACC01312 2022 MS The University of Lahore