Life at Uchenab



Mental and physical fitness of a student is our chief concern. Therefore, we provide exceptional sports area and gymnasium, so that students channelize their energy. Moreover, gymnasium facility is not only restricted for boys but is available for both boys and girls. Clearly, we are concerned for the health of our students and faculty.


University of Uchenab


Sports are necessary for staying active and agile. We at University of Chenab, favour both curricular as well extracurricular activities. Hence, regular events of sports are conducted here. Sport day is organized and celebrated with great zeal and zest and students participate actively. Inter-departmental matches are played, students cheer their respective departments and enjoy a lot.

Student’s Clubs and Societies

We aim to discover the buried expertise in our students and provide them with platforms to unveil these skill sets. Different societies are created for this purpose, ranging from theatrical wing, adventure club, music society, arts, and craft wing and many more. Theatrical wing is responsible for honing the dramatic skills in the interested students. As the name indicates, music society deals with the singing talent of the institute. This society trains the students and allows them to participate in various functions and events in the university. Moreover, music society is responsible for organizing events like concerts which are a great source of recreation.

Furthermore, arts and craft wing promote the communication through pencil and paintbrush. It allows students to polish their skills by arranging various competitions for poster making painting and sketching. These competitions are often collaborated with celebrated days to raise awareness in commoners. Moreover, this wing also manages all the decorations during the important events. Last but not the least, adventure club makes arrangement for tours and trips. All these societies and clubs enhance the communication skills as well as allow the students to polish their management and administrative skills



Along with all the recreational, character building and other extra-curricular activities, studies are never left behind. Apart from our administrative staff, we also harbour the best teaching staff that is highly qualified. Teachers at our institute are extremely trained and are well equipped with all the skills that are requisite for dealing with student. Moreover, every lecture theatre is equipped with projector and best quality seating arrangement. Besides, the rooms are air conditioned.

 All these aspects ensure that students and teacher are provided with a comfortable environment for both studying and teaching. Moreover, we ensure extraordinary student-teacher communication which rules out any academic issue. We believe that maintaining a friendly and healthy class environment enhances the efficiency of both the teacher as well as students. This is why we train the teaching staff to engage students during lectures, so that their concepts are clear, and they learn to voice their queries as and when required. This not only builds confidence but also ensures constructive criticism.