Saba Nousheen (she/her )

Academic Position:


Teaching Interests:

Applied Linguistics

Fields of Research (FoR):

Morphology and Syntax


Linguistics, morphology, syntax, language

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Student Advising Schedule:

Wednesday and Friday


No.  Designation School/Institute/University
1 Lecturer  (2014-2022) The university of Lahore, Gujrat Campus 
  2 Visiting Lecturer  (2013-2014) University of Gujrat 
  3 Lecturer (2012-2013) Wisdom Degree College Channan


No.  Degree / Program of Study Name Awarding Body/University/Institute
1 MPhil in English (Applied Linguistics )          (2017) University of Gujrat
2 Master in English (applied Linguistics) (2012) University of Gujrat


Areas of Supervision  M.Phil applied Linguistics

Currently Supervising

Student Name Research Topic Affiliation
Maha Ghazanfar A sociolinguistics study of Address Terms used by Punjabi Spouses


Student Name Research Topic Affiliation
Amna Beebe’s Classification: A case of Punjabi Speech Act


Sr. no. Course title Credit hrs. Degree program / semester Spring / Fall Semester / Year
1 History of English Literature 3 Sp-2019      BS English
2 Introduction to applied linguistics  3 Sp-2019     BS English
3 Communication Skills 3 Sp2019       BS CS
4 Communication Skills 3 Sp2019       BSSE
5 Creative Non-fiction 3 Fall-2019      MA English
6 Communication Skills 3 Fall-2019      BS English
7 Introduction to History of English literature 3 Fall-2019     BS English
8 Introduction to Applied Linguistics  3 Fall-2019      BS English
9 Academic Reading and Writing  3 Spring-2020  BS English
10 Introduction to Applied Linguistics  3 Spring-2020 BS English
11 Phonetics and English Phonology 3 Spring-2020 BS English 
12 Sociolinguistics  3 Spring-2020 MPhil. English 
13 Academic Listening and Speaking 3 Summer-2020 BS English
14 Phonetics and English Phonology 3 Fall-2020           BS English
15 Creative Non-fiction 3 Fall-2020           BS English
16 English for Specific purposes 3 Fall-2020       MPhil. English
17 Sociolinguistics  3 Spring-2021 BS English
18 English for Occupational Purposes 3 Spring-2021 BS English
19 Second Language Acquisition 3 Sring-2021 MPhil. English
20 Sociolinguistics  3 Fall-2021  BS English
21 Comparative Linguistics  3 Fall-2021 BS English
22 Syllabus Designing and testing 3 Fall-2021 BS English
23 Second Language Acquisition 3 Fall-2021 MPhil. English