Dr. Nazir Ahmed Malik

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General linguistics, Syntactic theory, Bilingual Linguistic capacity, semantics, sociolinguistics


Linguistic theory, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics

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Friday (10:00-12:00)


I have extensive experience of teaching a variety of courses related to language and linguistics for over 20 years to M.A and M.Phil. with over 30 publications in different national and international journals, having taught at various places such as GIFT University, Gujranwala, University of Management and Technology, Lahore, University of Lahore, Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, Lahore Leads University, Lahore along with extensive experience of supervising research at MPhil level. I also have administrative experience of over 5 years as Head of the department, Associate Dean of Faculty and Director Academics. My PhD dissertation, published in an international W category journal, challenges the very foundation of the previous studies on grammatical aspects of intra-sentential code-switching since the 1970s. After rejecting the existing models of intra-sentential CS on theoretical and empirical grounds, I have presented a new perspective on intra-sentential code-switching in the light of Chomsky’s Minimalist Program. I happen to be the only PhD from a Pakistani university who has worked on the most recent developments made in contemporary linguistic theory i.e. Chomsky’s Phase Theory. My paper has been responded to by Jeff MacSwan, Professor University of Maryland, USA and he has dedicated a full paper A REPLY TO MALIK (published in W category journal) for the discussion on my new perspective.


No.  Designation School/Institute/University
1 Director Academics  The University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus
2 Professor and HoD 23-May-16 to till date The University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus
3 Associate Professor  Lahore Leads University 
4 Assistant Professor  UMT Lahore
5 Lecturer  GIFT University


No.  Degree / Program of Study Name Awarding Body/University/Institute
1 PhD  2015 UMT Lahore
2 MPhil BZU Multan
3 MA English University of Punjab
4 BA  BZU Multan


No.  Title  Details
1 Lexical and functional categories in intra-sentential code-switching: a minimalist explanation Kashmir Journal of Language Vol. 24 No. 1 (2021)
2 Teaching English collocations to undergraduate learners through mobile assisted language learning. Linguistica Antverpiensia 2021(1), 326-348
3 No mixed grammars, no phonological disjunction: a new perspective on intra-sentential code-switching”.             Lingua 194, 51-66.  
4 Impact of authentic material on ESL learners’ receptive vocabulary size. European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences, 9(1), 176-183. http://european-science.com/eojnss/article/view/5866 
5 Innovative syntactic features of Pakistan English newspaper. Kashmir Journal of Language Research (KJLR) 23(1).
6 A critical analysis of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’ speech in General Assembly of United Nations. Kashmir Journal of Language Research. 22(2), 53-66. 
7 On formal distinction between intra-sentential code-switching and borrowing. Pakistan Journal of Language and Translation studies. 7(2), 94-108. 
8 Empirical adequacy of the functional head constraint: evidence from Urdu/English code-switching Kashmir Journal of Language Research (KJLR) 20 (2), 87-102. 
9 A study of narrative teaching in Pakistani universities in the backdrop of critical pedagogy. Bulletin of Education and Research (39)1, 203-2014. 
10 The Matrix Language Frame Model: an empirical evaluation. Science International, Special Issue 28(2), 2105-2112. 
11 V0 and SVO/SOV word-order in intra-sentential code-switching Kashmir Journal of Language Research (KJLR), 19(1). 1-12. 
12 Phase-based derivation of mixed sentences. Science International, 28(4), 409-412.
13 Exploring the impact of learning English upon Chinese culture. Kashmir Journal of Language Research KJLR), 19(2). 177-191.
14 Gullu and gulluism: a new socio-political phenomenon in Pakistan. Kashmir Journal of Language Research (19)2, 213-227
15 Feature valuation and code-switching between heads and their complements   Science International, 28(4), 381-386.
16 Phonological variants of /r/ as marker of group identity: a sociolinguistic study of the residents of walled area of Lahore city. Science International, 28(3), 2611-2615. 
17 Pronominal choices as rationalization tool: a political discourse analysis of general Musharraf’s autobiography. Science International, special issue 28(2), 2113-2117.
18 Heads and Placement of Complements in Intra-Sentential Code-Switching. Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 35(2), 811-824.
19 Subsistence of patriarchal social orders through musical discourse: a feminist critical study. KAROONJHAR 10(18), 19-40. 
20 Parallelism and Pronouns in Political Discourse as Rationalization Devices. International Research Journal of Arts and Humanities (IRJAH) Vol.46, 99-1018
21 Teaching practices of educators in China: students’ perceptions. Grassroots 51(1), 237-255. 
22 Primary school teachers’ perceptions about mentors’ role in their professional development.   New Horizon, (11)2, 47-59. 
23 Euphemized/dysphemized expressions as power-shield: a critique of selected political discourse. Grassroots, 51 (2): 420-432.
24 A corpus study of topicalization in spoken academic discourse of Pakistani theses defense   PUTAJ: Humanities and Social Sciences 24(1), 57-73.
25 Prestige as a social constraint in intra-sentential code-switching Pakistan Journal of Language and Translation Studies 2016, 115-132. 
26 Impact of mentoring on teachers’ professional development: mentees’ perception. New Horizon 11(1), 85-102. 


Areas of Supervision  Syntax, Sociolinguistics, Semantics, Bilingual Linguistic Faculty

Currently Supervising

Student Name Research Topic Affiliation
Ayesha Saher A comparative study of syntactic structure of Urdu, Punjabi and English polar questions UOL Gujrat 
Yasir  Mutual intelligibility and speech community: a study of Pahari language   UOL Gujrat 
Bushra Aziz Indexicality and multiplicity of meaning UOL Gujrat 


Student Name Research Topic Affiliation
Riffat Hanif An Evaluation of Phase Head Hypothesis: Evidence from Punjabi/English Code Switching UOL Gujrat 
Zumra Noreen Head-Parameter and placement of complements: A Comparative study Urdu and English CP UOL Gujrat   
Bakhtawar Butt Invariant I-Language and poetic license: A Study of Poetic Deviations UOL Gujrat
Sumaira Qammar Islamophobia and Impoliteness Strategies in Disgraced by Akhtar   UOL Gujrat 
Farah Muzzamil An Exploration of the Syntax of Concordance in Urdu UOL Gujrat 
Binish Maqsood  Grammatical Constraints on Borrowing of Nouns and Verbs in English and Urdu Language UOL Gujrat 
Usman Yousuf  A Study of Pakistani EFL Learners’ Perspectives on their Listening Comprehension Problems UOL Gujrat
Nazia Firdous  Magical Realism in Clarkes Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrels: An Analytical Study UOL Gujrat 
Amina Abid The Loss of Punjabi Phoneme: A Case of Language Attrition UOL Gujrat 
Waqar Amin The Use of EMOJIS in CMC: Graphics Equivalents of Prosodic Features in Natural Speech UOL Gujrat 
Muhammad Bilal An Exploration of the Syntactic Structure of Urdu DP UOL Gujrat 
Qaisar Jabbar  Revisiting theoretical Validity of Government Constraint: A Minimalist Explanation UOL Gujrat 
Muhammad Asad Ali Intra-sentential Code Switching and Vs: A Critique of the MLF Model UOL Gujrat
Asif Aziz Pragmatic Transfer of Congratulation Strategies of Native English Speakers and Punjabi EFL Learners UOL Gujrat 


Course Information (Name/Code) Year Taught Program (BS/MS/PhD) University /Institute
Semantic and Pragmatics  Fall 2016 MPhil UOL Gujrat 
Issues in Syntax  Fall 2016 MPhil UOL Gujrat 
Theories of Language Description  Spring 2017 MPhil UOL Gujrat
Semantics and Pragmatics  Spring 2017 MPhil UOL Gujrat
Syntactic Theory  Fall 2017 MPhil UOL Gujrat
General Linguistics   Fall 2017 MPhil UOL Gujrat
Sociolinguistics  Spring 2018 MPhil UOL Gujrat
Syntactic theory Spring 2018 MPhil UOL Gujrat
General Linguistics  Fall 2018 MPhil UOL Gujrat
Syntactic theory  Fall 2018 MPhil UOL Gujrat 
General Linguistics   Spring 2019 MPhil  UOL Gujrat 
Sociolinguistics  Spring 2019 MPhil UOL Gujrat
Semantics and Pragmatics  Fall 2019 MPhil UOL Gujrat
Syntactic theory  Fall 2019 MPhil UOL Gujrat
Syntactic Theory Spring 2020 MPhil  UOL Gujrat