Nosheen Arshad (she/her)

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Ultrasound Abdomen, Gynecological, Obstetrical, Doppler Ultrasound, Small Parts Ultrasound, Muscoskeletal Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Angiography And Cardiac Imaging, Anatomy

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Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound, Diagnostic Radiology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging,


Ultrasound , Angiography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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Ms. Nosheen Arshad is a Lecturer in the Institute of Radiological Sciences and Medical Imaging Technology at the University of Lahore, where she teaches undergraduate courses in Diagnostic Medical Imaging. Nosheen Arshad taught medical students for 1.5 years at UOL She received her bachelor's degree in medical imaging and has an MS In Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound from the University of Lahore, Pakistan. Ms. Nosheen is an eminent researcher and has published many articles in renowned journals on topics related to diagnostic medical ultrasound and emerging medical imaging technologies. She has supervised and supervised many students for research work. tier research focuses on newer and better methods of medical imaging. She believes all students bring unique strengths to school and that it is the job of educators to know students' strengths and build on them to make learning meaningful, purposeful, and connected to their lives and communities. Her favorite things to do Include hiking, cooking, reading, and painting.


No. Designation year School/Institute/University
1 Lecturer 05-05-2022- Present The University Of Chenab, Gujrat
2 Lecturer 10-10-2020- 30-04-2022 The University Of Lahore, Gujrat Campus


No. Degree / Program of Study Name Year Awarding Body/University/Institute
1 Medical Imaging Doctor 2014 2019 The University Of Lahore
2 Master of Science in Diagnostic Ultrasound 2021 2023 The University Of Lahore


No. Title Details
1 Determination of renal changes on ultrasonography in type II diabetes mellitus 2019
2 Frequency of polycystic ovarian disease detected on ultrasound in patients with primary infertility 2021


Areas of Supervision 

Currently Supervising

Student Name Research Topic Affiliation
Sadia Role Of Ultrasound And Color Doppler In Assessment Of Thyroid Nodules The University Of Lahore
Humaiyon Munir Diagnosis Of Brain Atrophy And Its Related Risk Factors On Computed Tomography The University Of Lahore
Amina Prevalence Between Previous Cesarean Section And Placenta Previa The University Of Lahore
Abeeha Frequency Of Fetal Cns Anomalies Detected On Ultrasonography The University Of Lahore
The University Of Lahore


Student Name Research Topic Affiliation
Hajira Younas Sonographic Evaluation Of Fatty Liver Disease Due To Sedentary Lifestyle, Diet And The University Of Lahore
Nida Saleem Butt Noncontrast Computed Tomograohy Of Suspected Acute Renal Colic Patient The University Of Lahore
The University Of Lahore
Talha Zafar Traumatic Brain Injury And Its Findings On Computed Tomography The University Of Lahore
Anum Shehzadi Assesment Of Association Of Fatty Liver Disease In Young Healthy Adults With Hyperlipidemias The University Of Lahore
Reshyl Raheem Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri) In Patients With Clinically Suspected Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries The University Of Lahore
Muhammad Farooq Assessment Of Cholelithiasis In Obese Patients On Grayscale Ultrasouography The University Of Lahore
Syed Faizan Haider Naqvi Ct Finding In Students Paranasal Sinusitus Patients The University Of Lahore


Course Information (Name/Code) Year Taught Program (Bs/Ms/Phd) University /Institute
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Fall 2020 Mid Uirsmit
Applied Physiology Fall 2020 Bmis Uirsmit
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Spring 2021 Mid Uirsmit
Angiography And Cardiac Imaging Spring 2021 Mid Uirsmit
Practical Nuclear Medicine Spring 2021 Bmis Uirsmit
Gynecological Ultrasound Summer 2021 Mid Uirsmit
Angiography And Cardiac Imaging Fall2021 Mid Uirsmit
Practical Ultrasound Fall2021 Mid Uirsmit
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Fall2021 Mid Uirsmit