Muddassar Iqbal Amir

Muddassar Iqbal Amir is a seasoned professional with more than 30 years of academic management experience in the higher education sector. He holds the unique experience of both private and public sector universities and grasps over the works of administration and institutional advancement.

Prior to his appointment, he has served different leading universities in the same capacity and have overseen a labyrinthine network of Sub-Campuses, Constituent, and franchised Colleges. He worked closely with external partners, in and abroad, for developing several collaborations and partnerships to expand efforts to include faculty and student exchanges.

Being diverse in the nature of his job, he holds responsibilities as a custodian of university common seal, an administrative to university activities, and a secretary to university authorities. His role as liaison with both regulatory and monitoring bodies of higher education is pivotal and works closely with Higher Education Department, Higher Education Commission (provincial & federal) Governor’s Secretariat, Local Government and Non-governance Organizations.

His long and consistent track record of managing administrative and operational functions of universities qualifies him to devise business plans, develop policies, manage activities, analyze market trends, negotiate terms and close deals that have also enriched enough to work within any changing environment.

He is primarily a responsible to ensure the integrity, accuracy, and security of all academic records; set policy and procedures for an effective use; maintain up-to-date roadmaps, ensure enrollment, commence ceremonies, announce announcements, interpret and implement policies, liaise with other interrelated organizations-governmental agencies-accredited councils, reduce costs, and enhancing business operations.

His keen academic and business acumen, commercial abilities, and proven skills will make an immediate and productive impact on university progress.